• Being a true entertainer, commando was the only way to go
  • So my name is really Spike. Do you want to make something of it?
  • Commandments-Catmandments, all the same rules apply
  • Cat as Trophy, life on a pedestal.
  • A Good Catch is as good as it gets
  • Like cattle in a field, waiting for what comes next
  • Furrows down your back and on the fields, all such perfection
  • Not born evil, just cat-ty rhymes
  • So just because Spike's Mom says he can jump off a cliff, does it mean you have to do it too?
  • Oh, for a thumb, and would that I could be a true freak of nature
  • The premise is there, the technology in place, cats who will rescue civilization
  • Well, maybe that magical sleep potion is a bit of overkill.
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Kittens looking at Cat Lexicon

The Modern Illustrated Cat Lexicon has finally arrived!

Helping you to connect the dots that float above any self-respecting cat’s head, this lexicon provides playful definitions, giving you insight into deep feline-esque thoughts and imaginings.
The Modern Illustrated Cat Lexicon is a continuous work in progress and new entries are included whenever the mood strikes or if Lexicat is tempted by some crazy idea that just won't stop. You may have to check back often to see what’s new.
Wear your favourite Cat Lexicon definition on a shirt, distribute cat quirks on note cards, remind friends of your lexiconic wisdom with an illustrated calendar or put your lips to your own cat mug. Let your favourite lexicon cartoon stick to the fridge or cling to the side of your favourite metal lunch pail. Check out the products. >>
This dictionary is a living organism, a tribute to our feline friends who are full of character and spirit, just clawing through life one cushion at a time – the same as the rest of us, only some find curtains.
Participate if you will. Or just enjoy the cartoon entries that help make the grimalkin world of words so much fun.

  LEXICONIZE! If you can read your cat’s mind and become inspired by a sudden word and would like to include it in the Modern Illustrated Cat Lexicon, drop us a line.
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If it’s new for us and inspires us, even better – we’ll pounce on it, unravel it and create an original cartoon entry. If you want, we’ll even sneak your name into it.
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